Lab Alumni

Past lab members have left the lab to begin medical school, graduate school, and veterinary school.
Postdoctoral fellows have proceeded to faculty appointments at prestigious institutions around the world.

Trainee Date Current Position
Vasant Jayasankar, M.D. 1/2002-6/2003 Cardiothoracic Surgery Resident
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Matthew Taylor, M.D. 1/2002-6/2005 General Surgery Resident
University of Virginia
Mark F. Berry, M.D. 7/2002-6/2004 Associate Professor of Surgery
Stanford University
Todd Grand 8/2002-8/2004 Veterinary Student
University of Florida
Vivian Hsu 1/2003-6/2007 Plastic Surgery Resident
University of Pennsylvania
M. Astrid Moise, M.D. 7/2003-6/2004 Vascular Surgery Fellow
Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Steven J. Kolakowski, M.D. 7/2003-6/2004 Vascular Surgery Fellow
Pennsylvania Hospital
Omar Fisher, Ph.D. 7/2003-7/2004 Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Massachusetts Inst of Tech
Suzanne Zentko, M.D. 9/2003-6/2004 Cardiology Fellow
Cornell University
Max Smith 5/2004-6/2010 Radiology Resident
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
George P. Liao 6/2004-7/2006 Medical Student
Corinna Panlillio 7/2004-5/2006 Medical Student
Pavan Atluri, M.D. 7/2004-6/2006 Assistant Professor of Surgery
University of Pennsylvania
Erik Suarez, M.D. 11/2004-2/2007 General Surgery Resident
Baylor Medical College
Matthew Leskowicz 6/2005-6/2007 Medical Student
Columbia University
Elliot Nacke, M.D. 6/2005-5/2008 Orthopaedic Surgery Resident
NYU Medical Center
Kevin Southerland, M.D. 6/2006-5/2009 General Surgery Resident
Duke University
William Hiesinger, M.D. 7/2006-present Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellow
University of Pennsylvania
Rebecca Levitt, M.D. 9/2006-5/2007 Assistant Professor of Cardiology
Emory University
Feng Wei, M.D. 1/2007-12/2007 Cardiac Surgeon
FuWai Hospital Beijing China
Tao Jin, M.D. 1/2007-12/2007 MPH Student
Johns Hopkins University
Carinne LaPorte 5/2007-7/2008 Veterinary Student
University of Pennsylvania
Elliot Kozin 6/2007-6/2009 ENT Resident
Massachusetts General Hospital
David Harris 6/2007-8/2008 Medical Student
University of Virginia
John R. Frederick, M.D. 7/2007-6/2009 Attending Cardiothoracic Surgeon
Colorado Springs, CO
J. Raymond Fitzpatrick, M.D. 7/2007-6/2009 Attending Cardiothoracic Surgeon 
St. Luke’s Hospital, PA
Nicole Marotta 7/2008-6/2010 Medical Student
Philadelphia College of Osteopathy
Ah-Young Kim 7/2008-6/2010 Graduate Student
Yale University
Jeffrey Muenzer 7/2009-7/2011 Medical Student
Jefferson Medical College
Kaitao Jian, M.D. 3/2011-3/2012 Postdoctoral Research Fellow
University of Pennsylvania
Philip Hsiao 5/2011-6/2012 Medical Student
Jefferson Medical College
Hiraoka Arudo, M.D. 5/2012-5/2013 Attending Cardiovascular Surgeon
Sakakibara Heart Institute, Japan
Alexander Fairman 7/2011-6/2013 Medical Student
University of Pennsylvania
John MacArthur, M.D. 7/2011-2014 General Surgery Resident
University of Pennsylvania