Lab Alumni

Ian Winters

Graduate Student, 2013-2018

Currently: Founder and Director of Research at D2G Oncology

Zoe Rogers

Gradate Student, 2013-2017

Currently: Scientist at Karius

Shin-Heng Chiou

Postdoctoral Fellow, 2011-2015

Currently: Research Scientist in Dr. Mark Davis' Laboratory

Dian Yang

Graduate Student, 2012-2017

Currently: Postdoctoral Fellow in Dr. Jonathan Weissman's Laboratory

Jennifer Brady

Postdoctoral Fellow, 2013-2016

Currently: Scientist at 23andMe

Deborah Caswell, Ph.D.

Cancer Biology Student 2011-2016

Currently: Postdoctoral Fellow in Dr. Charles Swanton’s Laboratory

Chen-Hua Chuang

Postdoctoral Fellow, 2012-2017

Currently: Senior Scientist at Amgen

Barbara Gruener

Postdoctoral Fellow, 2013-2016

Currently: Junior Group Leader, Molecular Tumor Pathology, German Cancer Consortum (DKTK)

Sean Dolan

Administrative Assistant 2011-2015

Currently: Facilities Manager for the Department of Genetics at Stanford University

2015-2020 Christopher McFarland Post-Doctoral Fellow (joint with Petrov Lab)
2018-2020 Leo Chen Research Assistant
2019 Yiran Zhoa Summer High School Student
2018 Ann Wen-Yang Lin Post-Doctoral Fellow
2015-2018 Rosanna K. Ma Research Assistant
2018 Aubrey Pierce Summer Student
2015-2017 Pranav Lalgudi High School Student
2014-2015 Carolyn Sinow Research Assistant
2015 Aidan Winters Summer Undergraduate Student
2013-2014 Santiago Naranjo Research Assistant
2014 Andrew Hong Summer High School Student
2012-2013 Shashank Cheemalavagu Research Assistant
2012 William McConnell Summer Undergraduate Student, Dartmouth University
2012 Nikita Bakhru Summer High School Student