PanLab Alumni

Adam Pines

Clinical Research Coordinator

Adam majored in Psychology and minored in Biology at Loyola Marymount University, and received his B.A. in May of 2015. He was previously a research assistant for Dr. Cheryl Grills at the same university, investigating intervention efficacy and environmental concerns in lower socio-economic status neighborhoods in the Greater Los Angeles area and beyond. In the PANLab, Adam worked on our ENGAGE study.  In his free time, he likes to enjoy the great range of state and national parks California has to offer.

Adam will begin the Fall 2017 session in the Neurosciences PhD Program at University of Pennsylvania.

Catherine (Katy) Castile

Clinical Research Coordinator

Katy contributed greatly in establishing both PanLab Electroencephalogram (EEG) labs at the Stanford University and at the Mental Illness Research, Education, and Clinical Center (MIRECC) at the U.S. Veterans Affairs Health Care center in Palo Alto, CA.  Prior to her dedication to over a decade of Psychiatry research at Stanford and the VA, she worked as a Program Coordinator in industry.  She successfully performed most of the EEG sessions as one of the Research Coordinators for the RAD Project.  She cherises family vacations, and enjoys time spent with her husband and two children.    

Nowreen Chowdhry

Clinical Research Coordinator

Nowreen studied neuroscience and mechanical engineering during her undergraduate at UC San Diego, where she studied the effect of neurofeedback training for children diagnosed under the autism spectrum.  In the PanLab, Nowreen was the research coordinator for the RAD Study, and coordinated across the other lab studies as well.  In her spare time, she enjoys concerts, nature, and using MS Paint to edit her friends into birthday cards.

Theodore (Teshie) Bronk

High School Intern, 2016

LeeAnn Perry

Neuroscience Graduate Student, 2016

Sancy Childers

Undergraduate Intern, 2014

Sydney Alumni

Dr. Williams has mentored and supervised 11 postdoctoral research fellows, 32 PhD students, 4 Doctor of Clinical Psychology students, and 25 Honors students. Dr. Williams' students have won 43 prizes, including University of Sydney's Best PhD Thesis for consecutive years since she started supervising. Dr. Williams' CV includes a list of alumni from Dr. Williams' labs. View Dr. Williams' CV (top right link) on her Stanford CAPS page here.