Weyand Lab  


The lab is located in the Center for Clinical Sciences Research (CCSR), in close connection to other laboratories studying immune system disorders, autoimmunity and novel therapies in immunomodulation. We are part of the Department of Medicine at Stanford School of Medicine.

Several projects in the lab are embedded into the Stanford Cardiovascular Institute (CVI website hyperlink: http://cvi.stanford.edu/) and projects studying ophthalmologic complications of vasculitis interact closely with members of the Stanford Institute for Neuro-Innovation and Translational Neurosciences (SINTN website hyperlink: http://neuroscience.stanford.edu/). 

We are part of the Stanford Institute for Immunity, Transplantation and Infection (ITI website hyperlink: http://iti.stanford.edu/), and participate in the development of novel immunodiagnostic tools.

We are closely associated with Dr. Jorg Goronzy’s lab (Goronzy lab website hyperlink: http://goronzylab.stanford.edu/) with whom we share patient cohorts, tool development and translational projects to bring advanced immunology into the evaluation of human health and disease.

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