WELL for Life

Our Vision: To improve and sustain health and wellbeing globally

Stanford WELL for Life wants to help you improve your health, wellness, and well-being, now and in the future. While much of medicine is focused on diagnosing and treating diseases, Stanford WELL for Life provides a proactive approach for you to optimize your own well-being.

When you join WELL for Life, you get access to challenges, resources, and ways to improve well-being from the team of Stanford health promotion experts. You’ll gain insight about how to improve your nutrition and diet, physical activity, social connectedness, sleep, stress management, and more. You’ll also be contributing to science’s understanding of well-being, and how different factors contribute to improving overall health, wellness, and well-being.

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Online Registry

In 3 sites, the WELL For life registry will enroll 10,000 participants to answer questions about the many different factors that impact health and wellbeing.  

Lifestyle Interventions

We will develop and test new interventions designed to promote health and wellbeing for individuals and communities. 


We will gather biosamples from participants in China and Taiwan to determine if there are any genetic predictors associated with wellbeing. 

About Us

Collectively, SPRC faculty and investigators have been instrumental in setting national and international standards for community-based interventions aimed at improving diet, reducing smoking, increasing physical activity, and reducing the risks of cancer and cardiovascular disease. To achieve decisive impact that will change the global wellness landscape, SPRC has developed a bold initiative — WELL for Life. 

Sandra Winter | Director of WELL for Life

WELL for Life is a cooperative initiative comprising: world-renowned researchers, dedicated staff and Advisory Board, collaborative community partners and engaged citizen scienctists – working together to build the science of well-being to improve the quality of life of people around the world.  We do this by measuring factors that influence well-being through surveys, interventions and biosamples. It’s a very exciting study – join us!
Sandra Winter and Julia Gustafson Discuss WELL for Life

Featured on the Redesigning Wellness podcast with Jen Arnold

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