News List

How to add a news list component to display news items on a page

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The News List component allows an author to add global news items from the Stanford Medicine News Center to their web pages or, if they have created their own news pages using the News template, add their own news items. The News List can simply be dragged onto a web page and global news items from Stanford Medicine News Center will be displayed.

For custom configuration of news items specific to a department, division, center, lab, etc. the News List can be configured to display news items from Stanford Medicine News Center. The author should choose to build their new list using the"fixed list" option to build a list this way.

To create a news list using news items created on the author's website, a web author creates news stories using the News template.  To display this news list on a web page on the author's site, drag the News List component into place and choose to build the list with "tags." Select the "Site News" tag and the news list stories on your site will be displayed.

List Display Options Update

List display options were updated November 17, 2017

You may choose to present your news list in several different ways. These are called display options and their purpose is to provide you with design flexibility. Each display option includes one or more of the following elements:

  • Article title
  • Article Intro / Teaser
  • Date
  • Image