Veterinary Service Center Employee Awards

DeVere Charron Service Award



This award is given to a Veterinary Service Center employee in honor of DeVere Charron.  DeVere epitomized the "can do" attitude.  He was a true team player, a leader, a colleague and friend.

DeVere Charron Spotlight Awards, 2017

Adam Patterson

“ He is skilled and passionate about his work.”
“He is very nice, which makes working with him very easy.”
“He is a team player and makes himself readily available to help his colleagues out at a moments notice.”
“He arrives early to all department presentations/meetings to help set-up and ensure that all IT issues are addressed before the meeting begins.”
“He is relied upon for many things and on a consistent basis he completes all tasks that are assigned to him.”

Isbandi Sudirdja

"He is always ready to help out anyone that needs it, no questions asked.”

“He is well versed in every area and he can go seamlessly anywhere in the facility and know what is going on."

“He is always friendly and smiling and keeps everyone in a good mood."

 “When the team is short staffed, Bandi picks up extra work without being told to. Bandi always goes the extra mile!”

“He is very compassionate and loving towards all animals and he makes sure that he handles all animals he works with, with the upmost of care.”

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Outstanding Clinician Award

This award is given to a Veterinary Service Center’s veterinary clinician who has demonstrated outstanding clinical and collaborative care.


Stacey Kang DVM

"She exhibits the best qualities of a lab animal veterinarian."

"She is always looking out for the best interest of the animal, yet she shows professionalism when dealing with research staff, faculty and students."

"She volunteers to help out in clinical care even when it is not her direct responsibility."

"She takes the time to research diseases or conditions that she is not familiar with."

"RP’s will seek out her guidance independently and truly value her input."

Stanford University Awards

Elias Godoy
Spirit Award 2014


Sonja Goedde
Support Personnel of the Year 2016

Cesar Veloz
Al Marshall Animal Technician Award 2016

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