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Welcome, David E. Bentzel, VMD, MPH, DACLAM, DACVPM!

Dr. Bentzel serves as the Associate Director of the Veterinary Service Center and the Director of the Diagnostic Laboratory and his collaborative research interest include infectious diseases, particularly animal model development, and refinement methods to improve animal welfare.   

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The Stanford University School of Medicine supports the conduct of biomedical research to further the understanding of the world in which we live and to apply this knowledge for the benefit of humans and animals.



Recognizing Staff Careers

The VSC would like to congratulate the following on their career milestones. We appreciate you and thank you for all that you've done for the VSC!

  • Mike Alvarez - 45 years
  • Venancio Mariano - 30 years
  • Carlos Sosa - 30 years
  • Greg Nelson - 25 years
  • Esther Velazquez-Klettke - 25 years
  • Edgar Veloz-Renteria - 30 years

May 1, 2019 - VSC Diagnostic lab has new "office hours" for consultations.  AF040 (RAF main hallway) hours are 08:30-12:00.  R320 (Edwards 3rd floor) hours are 13:00-17:00.  RAF sample drop off hours as same as RAF office hours.  Edwards sample drop off hours are 08:30-15:30.  Visit Diagnostic Lab for more details.

April 25, 2019 - Reminder:  VSC discontinued paper 'morbidity' forms.  Scientists can request a veterinary evaluation of mice or rats at

Animal Research: Reporting of
n Vivo Experiments

We support the ARRIVE guidelines

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