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Residency/Match Process

The match is difficult time for all medical students and particularly in ophthalmology as it is both a selective specialty and a part of the early match. But don’t worry, we have the tools to ensure you end up at a program with which you are happy!

The match statistics for ophthalmology residency:
In 2007, there were 792 applicants for ophthalmology for 449 match positions. The average USMLE I score was 231 of matched participants and was 215 for unmatched participants. Applicants applied to an average of 47 residency programs. 89% of new US Seniors matched in ophthalmology.

Ophthalmology positions are offered through the Common Application Service (CAS) run by the San Francisco Match.

Key dates:
June: CAS opens
September 3rd: Recommended target date of to submit your CAS application. This is not a firm deadline. It is better to submit earlier, in early August or so.
Late October-November-December: Interviews
Jan 8th: Submit your rank list
Jan 15th: Match results available

Most ophthalmology programs are “Advanced” program, meaning they begin in PGY-2 upon completion of a separate PGY-1 year of training. A few programs accept you directly into their medicine or transitional PGY-1 years. For those that do not, you will need to apply to a Preliminary year or Transitional year through ERAS.

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