Vision and Ophthalmology Interest Group


There are many opportunities for service work in the field of ophthalmology in the Stanford area:

  1. Unite for Sight: A non-profit dedicated to improving eye health and eliminating preventable blindness that was started by a current Stanford medical student, Jennifer Staple.
    i) Unite for Sight has programs in Ghana and in India. Application and information is online at: Volunteers participate in hands-on clinical service while assisting eye doctors in rural villages, refugee camps, and slums.  Volunteers also have an opportunity to pursue research projects as long as they have a faculty mentor from Stanford as well as IRB approval.
    ii) Films of Unite for Sight are available online at:

  2. Arbor Free Clinic Ophthalmology Specialty Clinic: The Stanford student-run free clinic Arbor has a monthly Ophthalmology specialty clinic. The recent coordinator for that was Hersh Sagreiya , so contact him for additional information on dates.
  3. Pacific Free Clinic Ophthalmology Specialty Clinic: The Stanford student-run free clinic PFC has a bi-monthly Ophthalmology specialty clinic. For more information, contact the clinic managers at:
  4. Operation Access: A group dedicated to helping the underserved with surgical procedures. They perform outpatient procedures and include ophthalmology, general surgeons, ENT, orthopedics, urology, and GI. The regional program manager is: Jennifer Errante, phone: (415) 733-0062, email:
  5. ORBIS: An international group dedicated to saving sight and blindness prevention and treatment with opportunities for student involvement.
  6. Volunteer Eye Surgeons International (VESI): A U.S. organization that leads volunteer missions to conduct surgical clinics and peer training in countries underserved by ophthalmologists.
  7. Eye Care America: A public service program of the Foundation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology whose mission is to preserve sight by raising awareness about eye disease and providing access to medical eye care.
  8. Prevent Blindness America: A USA volunteer eye health and safety organization with the mission of preventing blindness and preserving sight.

SEVA Foundation Sight Programs: A group based in Berkeley, CA, working to provide eye care for developing countries in Africa and Asia. They have Direct Eye Care Services, Sustainable Eye Care Programs, and the Center for Innovation in Eye Care with Suzanne Gilbert, PhD, MPH.

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