Vision and Ophthalmology Interest Group


What is VOIG?

The Stanford Vision and Ophthalmology Interest Group is a student-run organization tp increase awareness of the field of ophthalmology and vision research. We provide information for interested medical students on ophthalmology events taking place and plan numerous activities to further expose Stanford medical students to the field.

What sorts of activities does VOIG hold?

There are many different activities that we hold, including:

We also look forward to organizing additional events that you are interested in! So if you have more ideas, please contact us!

Is ophthalmology impossible to match in?

While being a competitive specialty, ophthalmology is certainly something that you can match in! That’s where we come into play. We can tell you about what activities will help you in the process, what residencies are looking for in applicants, and what is needed to be a successful candidate in ophthalmology.

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