Information for Prospective Members

**We are currently seeking graduate students to join our lab**

Our group continuously aims to attract new people who want to learn and contribute to ultrasound research.  Position availability can depend on current funding and group size, and match of your interests with current and possible future research areas.  The following information is provided to help guide you in the process of choosing and joining a lab.

Prospective Graduate Students

Note: the application process to Stanford is done through academic departments, not through individual researchers/labs.  If you haven't already, please visit a departmental admission site before continuing.

Suggested Prerequisites:  Ultrasound research is an interdisciplinary field combining Engineering, Physics, and Medicine; an interest in all of these areas is necessary to be successful in this research group.  Consider the following:

Skills:  Strong communication (oral presentation and writing), computer programming (Matlab, C/C++; Unix/Linux experience is a plus)

Courses: (Recommended - Stanford courses or equivalents)  EE 261 - Fourier Transforms, EE 263 - Linear Systems, EE 264 - Digital Filtering

Other Desirables:  Experience with ultrasound scanners, GPU programming, and/or finite element modeling.  References from people you've worked with previously.  Preference is given if you have passed your PhD qualifying exams.

Learn About The Group:  Read about our research (and our people) on this site, consider a research rotation if you are a Stanford student, and contact us with specific questions.

Prospective Post-Doctoral Fellows

Much of the information for graduate students applies to more senior positions as well.

In general, this group seeks post-doctoral members who have substantial experience in ultrasound.  You should be capable of working in a team-oriented environment and able to independently solve problems.

If you have little or no experience with ultrasound, this group will likely not be a good fit for you.

General Advice / Contacting Us

You'll be more successful if you narrow/specify your interests and find research groups that fit them (just looking for any group that will fund you has a low chance of success).

Request references from faculty--ones you've worked with and/or taken a project course from--and streamline the process for them (they're doing you a favor; make it as painless as possible by providing them with straightforward instructions and all potentially relevant information about yourself, etc.).

This group does not offer medical fellowships; please contact a department.

Do not send "form" emails.  We don't respond to inquiries that do not show genuine personal interest.