Marko Jakovljevic wins CHRI Eureka Institute Award

Marko Jakovljevic
Postdoctoral Fellow

Postdoctoral fellow and Dahl Lab member Marko Jakovljevic has been selected by the Stanford Child Health Research Institute (CHRI) to attend the Eureka Institute's Translational Medicine Summer School in Utrecht, The Netherlands, July 9-13, 2018. The Eureka Summer School is for early stage researchers, and is focused on tackling the intrinsic difficulties of effective translational medicine in pediatric diseases.

The Eureka Institute aims to develop a community of translational medicine professionals to advance the application of biomedical innovation for the tangible benefit of patients and society as a whole. The CHRI at Stanford (a Eureka Institute partner) aims to advance the health of children and expectant mothers worldwide.

Marko was previously awarded a postdoctoral fellowship for his ongoing research in high-sensitivity ultrasound imaging of blood flow for pediatric applications, in conjunction with clinical collaborators in Pediatric Radiology at Stanford. He looks forward to further developing these technologies and, with the help of CHRI/Eureka, effectively translating them into clinical care.

Congratulations, Marko!