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Service Requisition Forms

Stanford Transgenic Mouse Research Facility
(Contact Dr. Hong Zeng. - - for details)

Note: If the work done with this Service Center produces data resulting in a figure in a publication, you are required to acknowledge the Service Center ("Stanford Transgenic Research Facility") in the publication. Further, if staff members of the facility provided significant experimental design, data interpretation, or other intellectual contribution (as evaluated by the PI), then it is expected that these individuals will be coauthors on the publication.

1. Requisition form for DNA microinjection for transgenic mice

2. NEW!!Requisition form for site-specific gene knockin using integrase

3. Requisition form for ES cell microinjection for chimerc mice

4. Requisition form for ES cell manipulation for gene targeting

5. Requistion form for MEF and ES cells

6. Requisition form for ES cell expansion and karyotyping

7. Requistion form for sperm cryopreservation

8. Requisition form for IVF (in vitro fertilization)

9. Requisition form for embryo rederivation service

10. Requisition form for embryo cryopreservation

11. Requisition form for timed pregnancy

12. Requisition form for DNA fragment purification

13. Requisition form for DNA vector construction

14. NEW!!Requisition form for hESC H9 cells

15. NEW!!Requisition form for hESC/iPSC expansion

16. Requisition form for teratoma formation and analysis


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