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Fees (for Stanford users)

Last updated on 10/11/2011.

External user fees are 10% more than internal fees. In addition, a 57% indirect cost will be added to for-profit organizations, 8% to non-profit organizations.

Stanford Cancer Center members receive 10% subsidy for all services.

Fees for Transgenic and Knockout Mice
DNA microinjection for transgenic mice (FVB & F1 strains): $3,900/ construct

DNA microinjection for transgenic mice (C57BL6): $4,500/ construct

NEW! Site-specific transgenic mice (knockin) by integrase (DNA prep included): $4,850/construct

DNA fragment purification: $500 / fragment

NEW!Transgenic and gene targeting vector construction: $1,000-$8,000 (depending on the complexity of the vector)

ES cell microinjection for 129 or hybrid ES cells: $4,500/2-4 ES clones

ES cell microinjection for C57BL6 ES cells: $5,500 /2-4 ES clones

ES cell manipulation for gene targeting: $4,200/up to 200 ES clones

NEW! ES screening for gene targeting: $2,000-$3,500 (depending on the complexity of the genotyping)

Cre or Flp recombination in ES cells: $2,500

Mouse ES cells: $350/vial

Mouse ES cell expansion: $200/per clone

Mouse ES cell derivation: $3,000

MEF(NEO or DR4) feeder cells: $250/vial

MEF (NEO, or DR4) feeder cells, gamma-irradiated: $30/vial

ES cell karyotyping: $350/ per line

Mycoplasma PCR test: $50/sample

Timed pregnant mothers: $80/ female

Strain rederivation from fresh/frozen embryos: $950/ line (plus $40/surrogate mother).

Pseudo pregnant recipient mothers: $40/mouse

Sperm cryopreservation and storage in liquid nitrogen: $1,100
Investigator provides at least 2 healthy males.

In vitro fertilization (IVF): $1,500/line

Mouse embryo cryopreservation: $1,970/line

DNA plasmid vectors: $200/10ug

Wean mice: $100/up to 3 litters

NEW! Fees for human ES/iPS cell Services

Human H9 ES cell expansion (4xfrozen vials or 2x10cm): $500

Teratoma formation and histology analysis (5 mice): $2,450/line

Custom-human ES/iPS cell expansion: $990/line

Fees for Preclinical Oncology Services
Study base cost (including consultation): $850

PK studies: $1,800

Tumor cell culture: $300

Standard tumor cell injection (xenograft, s.c.): $15/mouse

Specialty tumor cell injection (mammary fat pad, intracardiac, etc): $45/mouse

Intravenous tumor cell injection: $30/mouse

Standard dosing (i.p. and s.c.): $5/mouse

Specialty dosing (IV, weekend.night): $20/mouse

Pump implantation - prices of pump included: $45/mouse

Measurement of tumor weight/volume per one time: $4/mouse

Tumor/tissue collection: $20/mouse

Blood collection: $15/mouse

Data analysis/hour: $85

Xenogen imaging: $19./mouse

Imaging use time per hour: $40

Utrasound imaging (per hour): $85

Histology (H&E staining): $8/slide

Immunodeficient mice (1 SCID, 2x Nudes): $100

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