Transgenic Research Center In the Cancer Center


Why perform preclinical studies?

Preclinical research using animals can determine if a drug, procedure, or treatment is likely to be useful. Preclinical studies take place before any testing in humans is performed (, and have proven to be very useful in screening for effective anti-cancer agents and treatment modalities. We determine the minimal number of animals for your study for ethical reasons and cost-effectiveness, in consultation with our advisory board.

In vivo Tumor models

We provide a full set of services that include consultation, tumor cell culture, generation of tumor-bearing mice, administration of test compounds, monitoring of tumor growth and data collection in xenograft and genetically engineered tumor models. Identifying signaling pathways for tumor initiation, promotion and metastasis is the key to developing effective therapies against cancer. Dr. Yanru Chen-Tsai (director) and Dr. Jeewon Kim will provide consultation on the selection of tumor cell lines and animal models for researchers to investigate molecular mechanism(s) of interest (for example, Protein Kinase C over-expression, mutation in receptor tyrosine kinases, etc). 

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