Transgenic Research Center In the Cancer Center

Animal Protocols

All Stanford investigators who have approved A-PLAC (Administrative Panel on Laboratory Animal Care) protocol numbers are eligible to use the facility's services. The facility has an approved protocol (#19267), which covers the production of tumor-bearing mice. Investigators need to provide us with details of the proposed study including rationale of the study, information of the test compound, administration protocols (if possible), number of animals, how number of animals was determined, strain, sex and age of mice, type of tumor, special husbandry needs, special medical treatment required and monitoring frequency desired, etc. for us to submit an addendum to our umbrella protocol . It usually takes 4-6 weeks to get a protocol approved by A-PLAC; so you should plan ahead and have the addendum approved when requesting our service.

External users who have an approved animal protocol and animal housing location are also eligible to use the services provided by the Stanford facility.


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