Transgenic Research Center In the Cancer Center

Stanford Preclinical Oncology Laboratory at Transgenic Research Center

The Stanford Preclinical Oncology Laboratory provides in vivo tumor models and preclinical oncology trials for Stanford investigators as well as external investigators. We offer flexible and customized services to suit your research needs. Services include xenografts for tumor induction, teratoma induction from pluripotent stem cells, drug dosing, toxicity studies, sample collection, histology, small animal imaging, data collection and analysis.

We also provide consultation on all aspects of using animal tumor models, including study design, selection of an appropriate model, drug dosing strategy, data collection and analysis. Dr. Barry Behri is the Director of the Transgenic Research Facility who oversees the policy and operation of the Preclinical Oncology Laboratory. Dr. Jeewon Kim is a Research Scientist with responsibility for the daily operation of the Preclinical Oncology Laboratory. Oversight is also provided by the scientific advisory board and the Cancer Center senior leadership to ensure that the needs of Cancer Center members are met.

Note: If the work done with this Service Center produces data resulting in a figure in a publication, you are required to acknowledge the Service Center ("Stanford Transgenic Research Facility") in the publication. Further, if staff members of the facility provided significant experimental design, data interpretation, or other intellectual contribution (as evaluated by the PI), then it is expected that these individuals will be coauthors on the publication.

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