Transgenic Research Center In the Cancer Center

Embryo cryopreservation


Service scope and procedures:

• Provide 5-7 males, 8-20 week old and proven breeders. Males should be housed individually at all times.

• Males should be left in your colony because space is limited in the Transgenic Facility.

• Provide 10 - 14 females per line at 4 - 5 weeks of age. If you are able to use commercially available females, this will greatly facilitate the process. Females will be ordered, superovulated and mated with your stud males by Transgenic Facility personnel.

• It is very important to continue breeding your mice to obtain an additional 10 - 14 females in the event that the first attempt yields low # of embryos. This will allow the Transgenic Facility to quickly repeat the experiment. Having sufficient females of the correct age is the limiting step in obtaining embryos. The male pups in the litter may be culled at 3-4 days of age.

• We will cryopreserve up to 100 embryos per line.

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