Take and Teach

See the entire Toolkit curriculum organized by teaching format. Think of this tab as a list of ingredients that you can combine to create your own dish.




Interactive ways of teaching young people about the harms of using tobacco/nicotine. This all includes quick demonstrations, discussion questions, group work, and more.


Crash Courses

Concise summaries of the key topics in the curriculum. Perfect for a range of audiences: educators teaching tobacco/nicotine prevention for the first time or those wanting more information.


Discussion Guides

A 1-pager with questions, all related to the curriculum, for a young person to discuss with a trusted adult in their life. This is an opportunity for a student to broaden their learning of the subject.





Educators can gauge student knowledge by asking these tobacco/nicotine-related questions. Ask the questions through Kahoot (an online quiz platform) or print them out to distribute.


Overview PowerPoints

Provide tobacco/nicotine information to students in a compelling and visual manner using these PowerPoint slides. Each slide has Teacher Talking Points or a script to lead or enhance your teaching.


Specific Curriculums

There are curriculums which contain specific activities and PowerPoints and are organized based on time and topic. These curriculums can be thought of as the best of the best from the Toolkit curriculum.