Tobacco: The Basics


As the tobacco industry continues to develop new products and marketing tactics aimed at youth, it is crucial that young people understand the history of tobacco in the United States and the risks associated with the various products available. Further, although cigarette use has declined, it is still important for students to understand about cigarettes, including their history, risks, related marketing, and health risks.

This module provides a broad understanding of the Tobacco industry and the many tobacco products currently available, from cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, little cigars, smokeless tobacco, hookah and many others. It is composed of 2 units, each of which explores various tobacco concerns in-depth.


Module Goals

  1. Increase knowledge about basic facts of tobacco products and the harm they cause
  2. Gain awareness of strategies manufacturers and sellers of tobacco companies employ to increase use among adolescents and other targeted audiences, such as deceptive and creative marketing strategies
  3. Gain skills to refuse experimentation and use of tobacco products