Units are collections of activities that are organized by a specific topic and placed in a recommended sequence. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn about the parts of a waterpipe.
  2. Understand the risks associated with hookah use.

Hookah Factsheet

Receive an overview of the harms of using hookah.

You can share this factsheet with students and parents. 

Download using the link below:


Activity Preview


Unit PowerPoint


A PowerPoint with many moments and opportunities for student discussion.

Lesson 1.1: Understanding Hookah and Its Risks

A quick and impactful activity that sparks student thinking and conversation.


An activity that focuses on specific issues related to the topic and starts deeper conversations.


Info-rich activity that provides an overview of key issues and allows for discussion.

Student-driven activity: includes discussion, working in pairs or groups, and presenting.

Unit Kahoot!


Fun, interactive quiz played as a team or individual.

Unit Discussion Guide


Conversation starter for a young person and a trusted adult in their life.