Vaping Prevention: A Self-Paced Online Course

A free, vaping prevention course to use for teaching and/or to assign to students to do on their own


Educators should download the instruction/lesson plan below and decide which version of the course (open or linear) that they want to assign students.


Provide students with an opportunity to learn about the following in a remote-learning environment:

1. the health risks of using e-cigarettes/vapes, including Juul and Puff Bar

2. the increased risk of severe COVID-19 infection for those using e-cigarettes/vapes

3. the marketing tactics used by nicotine companies to target young people, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic


Optional Add-On Activities

If you would like to extend the time that your class spends discussing vaping prevention, consider adding on the following activities that are related to the Vaping Prevention Course modules. Estimated instruction times are provided.

A Real Intro to E-Cigarettes - Before A Little History to Set the Stage (15-20 min); After It's Just Water Vapor, Right? (15-20 min)

All of the Chemicals: From Liquid to Aerosol -  What's in E-Cigarette Chemicals Kahoot! (15 min)

What's the Damage: Health Effects of the Aerosol - Health Effects of E-Cigarettes/Vape Pens (30 min)

Central Problem of E-Cigarettes Usage: Nicotine - Two Truths & a Myth (20 min)

What Are They Selling: Nicotine Marketing - Too Cool for Juul: Deconstructing Pod Ads (30 min)

Post Course: Creative Ways to Say No (20-30 min); Pod-Based Systems Kahoot! (15 min)

Screenshot of the Course

Course Versions


Educators, use this open version (no sign-up required) to see all the lessons and for teaching remotely. You can freely navigate this version of the course to choose whatever lessons you want to teach in real time.

If you are asking your students to do one part of the course or want to give them the freedom to go in any order then send them this link.

There is a"Final Knowledge Check" with 10 questions that will produce a certificate for students who answer 70% of the questions correctly. Students can redo the questions as many times.

If you want students to complete the course from beginning to end/linearly then send them the link to this version after the Toolkit team enrolls them in the course. 

Unlike the open version (see above), the linear version will require students to go in order from beginning to end. 

No cost is required. You'll simply contact the course manager, Richard Ceballos, at with your student names and their respective email. You'll receive a confirmation email once the students are enrolled. 


Course Features

Check out just a few of the interactive features included in this course. 


  • Assessment/quiz-style questions that give students immediate feedback 
  • Click-and-drag activities to test student knowledge
  • Infographics based on our Toolkit slides that are interactive



Short videos for and by young people throughout the course

Branching Out

Here are some resources to assist you as you empower young people to go or stay vape-free and smoke-free.


Going Smoke-free or Vape-free

Read more about benefits of going smoke- or vape-free during the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, find a list of cessation resources.

E-Cigarette Curriculum

Check out this educational module containg PowerPoints and activities all on the harms of using e-cigarettes/vapes.

Toolkit Sample Curriculum

Want more curriculum for remote teaching? Check out this 1-session sample curriculum containing activities such as Kahoot.

Vaping Prevention Videos

Watch videos on YouTube of the Toolkit team presenting slides and information on the harms of using e-cigarettes/vapes.