2007 Health Plan Coverage for
Prescription Smoking Cessation Aids

This information applies to Stanford faculty and staff only. It is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a guarantee of benefits.

Effective 9/01/07, Stanford Benefits and the Health Improvement Program (HIP) will offer new Quit Tobacco Program to benefits-eligible University faculty and staff and their dependents (age 14 and older). This program provides free educational and counseling support and a supply of nicotine patches or gum to help participants quit tobacco.

Blue Shield

Health Net

Kaiser Permanente


In most cases, prescription drugs are covered under the standard provisions of your medical plan’s drug program. The cost to you will depend on whether or not the drug is generic, brand name or non-formulary. Some plans require you to enroll in one of their stop smoking programs before you have access to the drugs. Costs for these drugs may be different than other prescription drugs under your plan.

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