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There is virtual unanimity in the scientific community that tobacco products are dangerous to human health. As a School of Medicine dedicated to promoting the health of our community and nation, we have concluded that the use of tobacco products is sufficiently detrimental to health, not only of those who use it but those who are exposed to second hand cigarette smoke, that it should not be allowed anywhere on our campus. 


This policy was endorsed by the Executive Committee of the School of Medicine and approved by the Dean and the President. The Vice Provost and Dean of Research and the President approved the inclusion of the James H. Clark Center.

  1. Policy
    It is the policy of the Stanford University School of Medicine that smoking is prohibited anywhere on the School of Medicine campus.  This prohibition includes all enclosed buildings and facilities and all outdoor areas on the footprint of the School of Medicine and at the James H. Clark Center.   A map indicating the area subject to this policy may be found at
  2. Guidelines
    1. Specifically, smoking is prohibited in classrooms and offices, all enclosed buildings and facilities, in covered walkways, in School vehicles, and in all outdoor areas within the boundaries of the School and the James H. Clark Center.
    2. “Smoking prohibited” signs will be posted.
  3. Enforcement
    This policy relies on the consideration and cooperation of smokers and non-smokers.  It is the responsibility of all members of the School community to observe and follow this policy and its guidelines.  Faculty, staff and students repeatedly violating this policy may be subject to appropriate action to correct any violation(s) and prevent future occurrences.
  4. Smoking Cessation
    Smoking cessation programs are available for faculty and staff through the Center for Research in Disease Prevention, Health Improvement Program (HIP) -  Students may contact the Health Promotion Program (HPP) through the Vaden Student Health Center ( for smoking cessation information or programs).  In addition the School of Medicine web site ( includes lists of resources and links to other smoking cessation programs.
  5. Implementation and distribution
    This policy is effective September 1, 2007.   It will be disseminated to all faculty, staff and students in the School of Medicine and at the James H. Clark Center.  It will also be available on the School of Medicine web site at

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