Patient Derived Xenograft (PDX) models

Non-small cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC)

Tumor biopsies are collected, then finely chopped into 2-3 mm pieces and digested using an enzyme cocktail of collagenase (STEMCELL 07902), trypsin (Life Technology 12604-039), and DNase (Sigma 10104159001). After trituration, the cells will be counted and injected into immunosuppressed mice for future experiments.


Tumors obtained from mouse tumors that were generated from human cell line can be passaged in mice for P1 - P3. Tumor samples are collected, then dissected and digested using an enzyme cocktail of DNase I (Sigma 10104159001), trypsin inhibitor (Sigma T9253-5G), and papain (Worthington LS003126) into a single cell suspension. Cells are mixed with matrigel (Corning 356237, non-phenol red, low growth factor) and injected into mice for passaging at 2-5million cells per 50μl SQ. Additional cells can be frozen down for future usage of P1 and P2 passages. This is a useful method for cells that lose proliferative capacity after being cultured in plates.