Our Laboratory’s research focuses on 3 fundamental areas

We undertake research related to diabetes
(i.e. β cell regeneration using mesenchymal stem cells,
islet cell transplantation and the construction of
novel “active” bioscaffolds for islet transplantation)
and pancreatic cancer (i.e. the development of novel
intra-arterial delivery techniques to the pancreas and
the synthesis of theranostic nanoparticle platforms).


We are evaluating the effects of mesenchymal
stem cells and pulsed focused ultrasound for
regenerating the kidney in the setting of acute renal
failure, chronic renal failure and renal transplantation.




In complicated pregnancies, such as those
affected by challenges which include low
oxygen (i.e. hypoxia) and undernutrition, we
are examining the adverse effects related
to pancreatic and fetal development and strategies
which can ameliorate any deleterious
programming of these organs.