Testimonials/success stories

The School has already been very active in sustainability projects, particularly within the Offices of Facilities Planning and Management and Information Resources and Technology.  Accomplishments to date include almost 100% participation in BigFix (automatic monitor turnoff), enormous reductions in water use (more than 2 million gallons annually over the past 5 years), new building plans (in LKSC a highly efficient elevator, and chilled beam system with external shading to reduce HVAC demands; the Fairchild demolition was 97% recycled; Beckman is being retrofitted; SIM I will include recycled carpets and “green” furniture, among many other plans), great progress in more efficient lighting, and many other efforts. Additional projects include the sample storage effort, which will reduce the number and improve the efficiency of the many -80 freezers at the School; and the trip reduction efforts that were begun to comply with GUP requirements.

We will add individual department and Green Team success stories as we receive them--please send them in!

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