What you can do

Every individual can contribute to the School's sustainability effort, as well as set their own personal and household goals.  Please explore the suggestions in this section and implement all that you can!  Any additional suggestions that you have for changes individuals can make are very welcome;  please email them!


Green Vendor List:  Please send us your Green Vendors as you discover them!

Corporate Express has recycled paper.  for compostable dishes and flatware

$19.19 buys you a 7-outlet Smart Strip from Staples/Corporate Express (SCG3)

$24.99 buys you a 10-outlet Smart Strip from Staples/Corporate Express (LCG3)

$22.50 buys you a P3 Kill A Watt Meter (P3P4400)

$219.55 buys you a EED Watts Up Pro Watt Meter (82756)

-- (Get this special Stanford Pricing by contacting Gio At Staples/Corporate Express -   Available through Procurement's new Ordering System starting end of June '09)

$191.99 gets you an EPEAT Gold 19 inch widescreen LCD monitor from Lenovo

$375.99 gets you a 24-inch, mercury and arsenic-free, low-halogen LCD Monitor from Lenovo that uses up to 60% less energy than conventional models. EPEAT Gold certified.

A full list of EPEAT-Gold Monitors can be found here:

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