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Stanford earned a top score in Sustainability Endowment Institute’s yearly assessment, placing Stanford back in the `Top 15 universities’ rank for leadership in campus sustainability.  Read   Stanford’s Press Release and SEI’s report .

MBAs Increasingly Focusing on Green Issues :  Stanford Ranked #1

The Campus: Green, Greener, Greenest (NYT)


At Stanford:

Dean's newsletter

Sustainable Stanford

The Precourt Institute for Energy Efficiency

Woods Institute for the Environment (Great Newsletter!)

Outside Stanford:

GREAT Green Tips from the Smithsonian, including how to get off junk mail lists!

Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Eduction (AASHE)

Sustainable Silicon Valley

Sustainability calculators, etc.

Your Ecological Footprint This is a measure of resources it takes to sustain your life style. You can also do "what if" scenarios with this to see how changes might affect your impact/footprint.

Another Footprint Quiz by the Earthday Network

Your Climate Change Footprint This is a measure to determine your carbon dioxide emissions from major sources.

Climate Change Footprint This site is provided by the US Environmental Protection Agency

A quiz about energy by the US Energy Information Agency

A quiz about watersheds and impacts of stormwater pollution by the Center for Watershed Protection

A quiz about the importance of the ozone layer designed by Environment Canada

Best Practices

Local Resources: places to recycle, safe disposal for electronics, vendors who are sustainable, buying local food, sustainable restaurants, etc.

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