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The Green Teams Kickoff Meeting on Dec 3rd had about 70 attendees, and we came up with some great ideas!  The presentations made at the meeting and the list of ideas we brainstormed are linked below:

Green Teams Presentation

Sustainability Working Group

Saving Energy with IT

List of brainstorm ideas


If you are interested in starting a Green Team, or would like to be added to a distribution list, please email me!

It's not easy being green......just ask Kermit!  But it can be very satisfying.

Sustainability has been most simply defined as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”  It is an economic, social, and ecological concept intended to be a means of configuring civilization and human activity so that society and its members are able to meet their needs and express their greatest potential in the present, while preserving biodiversity and natural ecosystems, and planning and acting for the ability to maintain these ideals indefinitely. Sustainability affects every level of organization, from global to local.

A Sustainability Steering Committee has been convened at the School of Medicine to push forward our efforts in this critical area and to create the momentum needed to engage every member of the School to do what they can towards making us—and our community—more sustainable.  The focus of the Steering Committee will be to promote a culture of individual responsibility for sustainability within the school, engaging the entire SOM community and working collaboratively with the Hospitals.

This effort complements other Stanford campus undertakings, including the Sustainability Working Group under the new Sustainability and Energy Management Executive Office, and the Sustainable IT group.

It is up to every individual to make a personal commitment to sustainability; every project that you touch as an employee or as a member of the community in your personal life can have an impact.  Please read on to discover what you can do!

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