Green Teams

A green team is a group of people who are motivated to effect changes in their environment that support sustainability.  In the School of Medicine we are facilitating the development of Green Teams by providing ideas, resources and advice.  If you are interested in starting a Green Team in your department, among your peers, or in any other group, please look at the links below; if you have questions, you may contact Julia Tussing.  You can learn more about Green Teams in general at the link for Sustainable Silicon Valley:  Green Teams--SSV launches a new resources page for green teams, and is looking for additional green-team best practices to share on this page.

Don't forget to Attend the December 3rd meeting!   See the link on the home page for the invitation.

Green Team Leader "Job Description"

Sample email for recruiting department members to your Green Team

Sample Agenda for your first Green Team meeting

List of things to do in your department to start being more sustainable

More ideas for Faculty and Staff and for Students from Sustainable Stanford




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