Summer Han Lab Team Members

Summer Han
Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery and of Medicine  

Eric Chow, M.S.

Eric completed his MSc in Decision Sciences from the London School of Economics, and MS in Health Informatics from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. At Hopkins, Eric worked with the Epidemiology Research Group in Organ Transplantation for 5+ years on developing web-based patient-centered decision tools and registry data analysis. Currently, he is working on lung cancer projects to simulate lifetime trajectories of risk factors for lung cancer, which can be used to evaluate efficient lung cancer screening strategies. 

Natasha Purington, M.S.

Natasha completed her M.S. in Biostatistics at UC Los Angeles while working on health care evaluation projects for the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research. She is currently working on various cancer projects to evaluate the associations between tumor mutations/alterations and cancer outcomes.

Matthieu de Rochemonteix, B.S.
Research Assistant

Matthieu is a second year Master's student in Stanford University Department of Statistics. He graduated from Ecole polytechnique in France (major: Applied Mathematics). Before joining the Han Lab, he worked on various projects for applying machine learning techniques to large datasets for time series featurization and classification and for assessing the predictive power of topological graph features of a protein-protein interation network to classify proteins as drug or disease targets. He is currently working on developing and implementing statistical tests for detecting gene-environment interactions in case-control studies.

Jacqueline Aredo, B.S.
Medical Student

Jacqueline is a third year medical student at Stanford University School of Medicine. She graduated from Georgetown University with a BS in Neurobiology and completed a post-baccalaureate clinical research fellowship at the National Institutes of Health. At Stanford, she has worked with the thoracic oncology team on projects examining KRAS-mutant non-small cell lung cancer and the impact of co-mutations on patient outcomes. Currently, she is working on evaluating health disparities in lung cancer screening with the goal of optimizing screening strategies for various populations.

Sophia Luo
Research Assistant

Sophia is a first year undergraduate student at Stanford University with an intended major of Biology on a Computational Biology track. Previously, she worked as an intern at the the University of North Carolina Lineberger Bioinformatics Core for research projects for integrated clinical data with genomics for association testing. Currently she is working on a project for applying various statistical methods to understand gene-environment interactions for complex diseases.

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