Summer Han Lab Publications

Han, S.S., Kelly, S.P., Yang, B., Li, Y., Nguyen, M.H., So, S.K , Rosenberg, P.S., and Hsing, A.W., 2018. Changing landscape of liver cancer in California: a glimpse into the future of liver cancer in the United States. Journal of the National Cancer Institute (In Press). 

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Dougan, M.M., Li, Y., Chu, L.W., Haile, R.W., Whittemore, A.S., Han, S.S., Moore, S.C., Sampson, J.N., Andrulis, I.L., John, E.M. and Hsing, A.W., 2018. Metabolomic profiles in breast cancer: a pilot case-control study in the breast cancer family registry. BMC cancer, 18(1), p.532.

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Pollom, E. L., Fujimoto, D. K., Han, S. S., Harris, J. P., Tharin, S. A., & Soltys, S. G. (2018). Newly diagnosed glioblastoma: adverse socioeconomic factors correlate with delay in radiotherapy initiation and worse overall survival. Journal of radiation research.

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Han, S. S., Kevin ten Haaf, WD Hazelton, J Jeon, RMeza, CY Kong, EJ Feuer, HJ de Koning, SK Plevritis (2017) Re: Think Before You Leap  International Journal of Cancer (In press)

Christopher L, Napolioni V., Khan R.R., Han S.S., Michael D. Greicius for the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (2017) A variant in PPP4R3A protects against alzheimer-related metabolic declineAnnals of Neurology (In press)

Han, S.S., Raymond J. Carroll, and Nilanjan Chatterjee (2017) Book Chapter: Analysis of Gene- Environment Interactions; Handbook of Statistical Methods for Case-Control Studies (Chapman & Hall) (In Press)

Han, S.S., Rivera G.A.,Tammemägi M.C., Plevritis S.K., Cheng I, Gomez S.L., Wakelee H.A. Risk-Stratification for Second Primary Lung Cancer. (2017) Journal of Clinical Oncology

Han, S. S., I. Toumazis, S. A. Erdogan, A. Leung & S. K. Plevritis (2017) Evaluating the Impact of Varied Compliance to Lung Cancer Screening Recommendations using a Microsimulation Model. Cancer Causes and Control.

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Risk-Stratification for Second Primary Lung Cancer