Student Research FAQs

How can I learn some fundamental techniques to help me enter the basic science research arena?

Volunteer to help in a lab on a research project in the subject area in which you are interested. You may receive units for your volunteer time by registering for Directed Research in any department with a faculty member who has the space and time to accommodate you. Refer to Community Academic Profiles (CAP) online to locate faculty members with whom you might like to work.

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Is it difficult to get a Research Assistantship?

It has always been difficult for a student who does not have any research experience to obtain a Research Assistantship directly. Research Assistantships for medical students are more commonly obtained after a student has worked with an advisor through the Medical Scholars Research Program or on a directed research project.

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I've been invited to give a paper at a conference. Are there funds available to help pay for my travel costs?

Limited funds, provided by SMSA (Stanford Medical Students Association) and the Scholarly Concentrations, are available for travel to present conferences.

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Is it possible to receive funding to conduct research outside the United States?

To receive funding to conduct research outside the United States, you may apply for a Traveling Scholars grant under the Stanford Medical Scholars Research Program. Students interested in applying for a Traveling Scholars grant must obtain a faculty sponsor both at Stanford and at the visiting institution. A letter of support from each sponsor must accompany the application.


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