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Sharing of the Curriculum

Nutrition Principles and Clinical Nutrition courses are available for those medical schools who wish to use them. Terms of Use require mounting the courses on local password protected servers and complying with copyright. The courses are available only to medical schools, not to individual scholars. For more information about the project or to obtain the files if you are a medical school adminstrator, please contact .

The Nutrition Project has developed, implemented and evaluated a web-based nutrition curriculum that vertically integrates nutrition concepts and principles into both the preclinical and clinical curriculum.

Nutrition content is integrated for 5 academic quarters into an overarching course called Practice of Meddicine. For more information see Nutrition in Practice of Medicine.

In keeping with Stanford's curricular flexibility, the courses provide a minimum foundation in concepts and principles of nutrition and dietetics that can be individually expanded by giving the students the option to pursue links to material in existing Stanford courses, links to relevant external web sites, and lists of additional learning resources. A key component of the design is that the course can be completed entirely in self-study mode.


The Nutrition Project is a collaboration of SUMMIT and the Office of Medical Education and is partially funded by Nutrition Academic Award Grant number HL04325-03 from the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NIH). Copyright: SUMMIT. Stanford University. ©1999-2012