The Stanford Society of Physician Scholars Grant

The Stanford Society of Physician Scholars (SSPS) Grant is designed to support a physician scholar, working in collaboration with a Stanford medical student. Our hope is that the scholarly work supported by these awards will stimulate meaningful research experiences, foster mentoring relationships, and form the basis for subsequent external funding options.


Eligibility Criteria

•   Applicants must be a member of the Stanford Society of Physician Scholars (SSPS)

•   The applicant must be working with a Stanford medical student, who will be considered a co-investigator

•   Applications are limited to one per Scholar


Application Process

The following must be included in the application:

•     A 2 to 3 page (single-spaced, 12-point Times font) description of the proposed work that includes: title, abstract, aims, background, methods, expected results, potential impact, and project timeline

•     A summary of the student’s role

•     A detailed budget with brief justification

•     A letter of support from the Scholar’s Department Chair

•     A letter of support from the Scholar’s Sponsoring Faculty Member (Principal Investigator)

•     Curriculum vitae for Scholar and student



Awards are limited to $5,000 per application. Funds cannot be used to support salary.


Progress Report

Grant recipients are required to submit a final report within 18 months of funding.  This report should include a summary of the work performed and any presentations or publications arising from the work.



Publications that result from the use of this award should include the following acknowledgments:

“[Grantee] is a member of the Stanford Society of Physician Scholars.”

and “This research was supported by the Office of the Dean, Stanford School of Medicine.”


Please e-mail with any questions. 

Application Deadline [Closed Until Fall 2017]

Please e-mail completed packet to or deliver to Shannon Jiang, Li Ka Shing Center, Office of the Dean (3rd floor)



The following resources are available to help you identify medical students with whom you might collaborate on a research project:


1. Review MedScholars Projects

This resource is provided by the School of Medicine Scholarly Concentration Program. The projects listed are from faculty who wish to have a MedScholars student join their research. In some cases, there may already be a medical student who is involved in the project. To download the Excel spreadsheet, enter the link into a web browser.


2. Post Your Research Project

If you already have a project in mind and are looking for medical student co-investigators, please fill out this web form:

Information about your project will be posted on the SSPS website, accessible from the MedScholars website, and sent to our medical student mailing lists.


Many scholars also find a co-investigator through introductions from faculty/mentors or by reaching out to individual students.