The Stanford Research Development Office (SRDO) assists medical school investigators coordinate and prepare grant applications for large multidisciplinary biomedical projects. It also helps early career scholars fund their first independent research projects.

This office is supported by the Dean’s office within the Stanford School of Medicine.

Director of SRDO

Michael K. Helms, PhD, MBA

Dr. Michael Helms received his PhD in biochemistry from the University of Hawaii, completed two postdoctoral fellowships at UC San Diego and the University of Hawaii, and received his MBA from Santa Clara University. He spent 10 years in the biotechnology industry in the San Francisco Bay Area, most recently as General Manager at Complete Genomics. While in the industry, he was awarded two SBIR grants from NIH and served as an ad hoc reviewer on a study section for NIH. In 2009, he joined the Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine at Stanford as Director of Strategic Research Development and assisted faculty with bringing in nearly $30 million in research funding. He is the founding director of the SRDO.

Assistant Director

Sandra R. Holden, PhD

Dr. Sandra Holden received her PhD in ecology and evolutionary biology from UC Irvine and completed postdoctoral training at UC Irvine in earth system science. Sandra independently funded her PhD and postdoc research with fellowships from NSF, DOE, EPA, and NOAA. Sandra has also served as a reviewer for multiple DOE and NSF review panels. Sandra helps faculty members identify funding opportunities and prepare competitive grant proposal applications.

Grant Development Officer

Monica F. Vidal, PhD

Dr. Monica Vidal received her PhD in biophysics from the University of Graz, Austria, and completed two postdoctoral fellowships at UC Irvine and the Institute of Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia, Spain. Monica spent seven years as Business and Research Development Manager at the University of Barcelona, Spain, where she managed the Inter-University Program of Computational Chemistry and assisted faculty in securing $3 million in research funding. In 2015 she joined the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Stanford University as Research Development Specialist and assisted faculty with bringing in $18 million in research funding. Monica joined SRDO in 2019, and she helps faculty identify funding opportunities and prepare competitive grant proposals.


If you are interested in working with the SRDO, please contact SRDO Director Mike Helms.