New GE Spinlab dynamic nuclear polarizer arrives!

April 2015. Delivery and installation at the Stanford Lucas Center of the GE Spinlab dynamic nuclear polarizer.

This new dynamic nuclear polarizer (Spinlab, GE Healthcare) uses hyperpolarization to dramatically enhances the in vivo measurement of key metabolic pathways of critical importance to the study of disease.  Being the only commercially available instrument capable of generating hyperpolarized substrates for small animal models, large animal models, and human subjects, findings can be directly translated from pre-clinical models to patients. Siting adjacent to the Lucas Center GE PET/MR system allows unprecedented studies of in vivo metabolism.

The Spinlab polarizer is located within the Lucas Center, which in funded in part as an NCRR-funded National Research Resource (Center for Advanced MR Technology at Stanford), supplying state-of-the-art MR instrumentation and services to the campus and broader research community. A primary mission of the Stanford Department of Radiology is the translation of promising new imaging modalities from the laboratory setting to the clinic. The acquisition of this new DNP polarizer is directly aligned with this goal and has great potential to provide new insights into health and disease, ultimately improving patient care.  

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