ISMRM Awards - May 2014

Jae Mo Park named a 2014 ISMRM Junior Fellow.

Summa Cum Laude Awards 

Skeletal Muscle Metabolism Measured by Hyperpolarized 13C MR Spectroscopy Jae Mo Mo Park, Sonal Josan , Dirk Mayer , Ralph Hurd , David Bendahan , Daniel Spielman , Thomas Jue.  

Metabolic Changes in a Rat Glioma Model After Anti-Angiogenic Treatment Measured by MR Spectroscopic Imaging of Hyperpolarized [1-13C]Pyruvate, Jae Mo Park, Sonal Josan, Taichang Jang, Milton Merchant, Ralph Hurd, Dirk Mayer, Lawrence Recht, Daniel Spielman.

Assessment of Diabetic Skeletal Muscle Metabolism Using Hyperpolarized 13C MR Spectroscopy, Jae Mo Park, Sonal Josan, Ralph Hurd , James Graham, Peter Havel , David Bendahan , Dirk Mayer , Daniel Spielman, Thomas Jue.


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