Study Navigator

Study Navigator is a web-based project tracker and collaboration tool designed to streamline the management of Stanford clinical and translational research projects.

Study Navigator helps researchers:

  • Request study resources such as research coordinators and nurses, clinic space, mentoring, protocol advice and core lab services
  • Schedule consultations with study design experts in: 
    - Biostatistics
    - Informatics 
    - Bioethics
  • Find study grants, collaborators and mentors
  • Access study-specific budget and billing workbooks with a time-saving auto-fill feature
  • Post and share meeting minutes, schedules, regulatory timelines, and other documents
  • Locate a Study Facilitator to help navigate the Stanford system

Using Spectrum Child Health Resources?

Please cite the Stanford Child Health Research Institute and our NIH-NCATS-CTSA as follows: “The project described in this publication was supported by the Stanford Child Health Research Institute and the Stanford NIH-NCATS-CTSA grant #UL1 TR001085.”

Supporting Clinical Research at Stanford

Study Navigator provides Stanford investigators and research coordinators with a web-based dashboard where you can store and access all essential study information in one shared, easy-to-use interface. You can also access services in support of your projects.