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Clinical Trials Disclosure (


Disclosure of clinical trial information promotes scientific and ethical principles of transparency and accountability in clinical research.

Clinical Research Quality (CRQ) provides support to Stanford investigators and staff who need to submit information to the registry and results databank.


Is registration and/or results reporting required?
Who is responsible for activities?
What are the due dates for registration, updates, and results reporting?
What do publishers require?

*International Committee of Medical Journal Editors

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  • Clinical Trials Registration and Results Information Submission - 42 CFR 11
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Protocol Registration & Results System (PRS) (Organization: StanfordU)


NIH Clinical Trial Definition is managed by the National Library of Medicine in the National Institutes of Health


Administrator Group (AG) Resources  

The Administrators Group consists of research staff supporting investigators at the department or center level.  Contact CRQ for more information.

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