Funding - Innovation Accelerator Pilot Program


Byers Center for Biodesign - MEDTECH


In keeping with its core mission, the Spectrum program offers grants for accelerating clinical and translational research in biomedical and health-related areas. The Pilot Grant Program has two major goals:

  •   To stimulate innovative clinical and translational research 
  •    To encourage collaborative, transdisciplinary work to accelerate the translation of health technology innovations into improved health

The primary expectation is that these early-stage translational projects will lead to additional research, external support, information dissemination and most important, will develop into longer-term, comprehensive projects. Proof of concept with preliminary data is often a characteristic of successful applications. We encourage transdisciplinary collaborations, but this is not a requirement for funding.

2020 Spectrum MedTech Pilot Grants: Request for Proposals

Deadline – September 24th, 2020 at 11:59 pm