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OnCore Help Desk: 650.721.3508

If you’re a Stanford investigator wanting to use OnCore for your clinical research, or a CRC who needs to use OnCore and attend training, contact us

OnCore® Clinical Research Management System
for Non-Cancer Studies

Using OnCore for all SOM clinical research

See this memo on School-wide adoption of the OnCore system .

All clinical research studies are to be registered by the end of September 2018. This includes all studies that consent human subjects and were IRB-approved from January 1, 2016 onward.

Data capture: There is no requirement to use OnCore’s internal EDC.  Studies may use other data collection tools. 

Participant tracking: Participants should be registered to studies in OnCore, to enable accrual monitoring and reporting.  OnCore has a feed from SHC Epic (and soon, LPCH Epic); with a given a valid MRN match demographic and contact information is pulled in automatically.

Studies with a high enrollment that do not need to track individuals can be set up as ‘summary accrual only’ where enrollment is updated as a gross number, monthly or quarterly.

Studies in progress which already have registered a large number of individuals: Contact the OnCore Help Desk to ask about assistance in getting existing participant registrations into OnCore.

Watch this short video to understand why OnCore is important for Stanford and how it will help with day-to-day study management.

Using OnCore from Off-Campus Location

Working off campus and outside the Stanford network requires VPN:

If you are not on the Stanford campus, you probably need to connect through the Stanford University Public VPN, Virtual Private Network. You have two options: Use the Cisco VPN Client, or the VPN client built in with your operating system. Visit and scroll down to Getting Started to set up.