Research Participation


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Participant Engagement Consultations

Our staff can assist you with all phases of the participant recruitment process, including designing a plan, reviewing study ads and flyers, working with our cohort discovery tools, and connecting you with co-investigators at other institutions.


  • Design participant engagement plans
  • Review existing participant engagement plans and materials
  • Assist with cohort exploration using the Cohort Discovery or Chart Review tools
  • Provide community engagement strategies and referrals to Stanford’s Community Advisory Board (CAB) for Clinical Research
  • Facilitate access to Trial Innovation Network (TIN) or Accrual to Clinical Trials (ACT) resources for multi-site studies

Consultation Process

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is designed to deliver any of the above services. Each consultation is tailored to your research participation needs. An email summary of recommendations and next steps are provided.

Please note, we will request the following items prior to the initial consultation:

  • Study synopsis, inclusion/exclusion criteria
  • Timeline
  • Enrollment goal and status
  • If applicable, recruitment strategies tried and recruitment materials/language
  • Other relevant information, such as compensation


Six-month Follow-up

During this session we will assess what worked well and what did not, in order to make needed adjustments to your participant engagement plan. Please bring along data you’ve collected to track your recruitment efforts.

All consultations are held in-person or virtually via Zoom.