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Our funders are critical to the realization of SPARK's mission.

We would like to say a special thank you to all of our supporters for their continued commitment to the success of the SPARK Translational Research Program.

Child Health Research Institute

Stanford's Child Health Research Institute continues to enable SPARK's research in the area of maternal health. We are grateful for their ongoing support. Current SPARK projects funded by CHRI include:

  • PI: Julie Baker, PhD - A non-invasive diagnostic for placenta accreta
  • PI: Carolyn Bertozzi, PhD - A PCR-based method for sample-sparing and cost-effective diagnosis of food allergy risk
  • PI: Helen Blau, PhD - Transient telomere extension to treat liver failure in Dyskeratosis Congenita patients
  • PI: Tina Cowan, PhD - A small-molecule activator of AMPK for treatment of mitochondrial disorders
  • PI: Shirit Einav, MD - An assay for predicting the development of severe dengue prior to its onset
  • PI: Jeffrey S. Glenn, MD, PhD - Leveraging enterovirus dependency on the human host factor PIP5k1a for the development of a potent broad-spectrum antiviral 


  • PI: Stuart Goodman, MD, PhD - Engineered mesenchymal stem cell therapy to promote immunological tolerance to pancreatic islets 
  • PI: Mark A. Kay, MD, PhD - Enhancement of adeno-associated virus-mediated homologous recombination (AAV-HR) through inhibition of the FANCM pathway 
  • PI: Matthew Porteus, MD, PhD - Genome edited airway stem cells as a durable cell-based therapy to treat cystic fibrosis
  • PI: Robert M. Waymouth, PhD - CARTS: new materials enable a new platform technology for gene delivery, vaccinations, and cancer immunotherapy 

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Success Stories

Since 2006 we have funded nearly 130 projects, which led to 25 startups, 10 licensing and 30 clinical trials.

Other funders critical to SPARK's success:

Stanford Department of Otolaryngology

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Stephen Sullivan Memorial Fund

Amir and Sandra Ben Efraim

The Weston Havens Foundation