Health & Safety Programs

PI Responsibilities

The PI is responsible for ensuring that all laboratory personnel, including part-time students and visiting scientists, are properly trained and informed of the safety regulations, as required by the University's Health and Safety policy and by various government regulatory agencies.

The goal of the program is to inform and prepare you to train your own lab staff. We are aware of the increasing number of new chemicals, biohazards, equipment, and procedures being introduced in biomedical workplace. This, coupled with the most stringent environmental regulations in effect in our county and state, has necessitated a health and safety training program for the PIs in the Medical School's research and clinical laboratories.

The laboratory workers constitute a major segment of the Medical School's work force and, in recent years, are being exposed to increasing variety of workplace hazards. The need for training the Lab staff, therefore, is imminent, and the PI is the best qualified person to train them for two significant reasons:

  1. The PI is the most knowledgeable person on the hazards and occupational risks in his/her laboratory and, therefore, the precise health and safety training needs of the employees.
  2. The PI being the management's direct contact with the employees, has the added responsibility of demonstrating to the employees that the management is serious in its stated policy and in its commitment to regulatory compliance in providing employees with a safe work environment.

The Principal Investigator Training Guide is your training and reference resource. It is not intended to substitute the more detailed Stanford Safety Manual or the Stanford School of Medicine Environmental Health and Safety Training guide, nor is it meant to encumber the PI's research activities. It is another means to achieving our common goal: A safe and healthy work environment.

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