Chemical Inventory Update: Clark Center

Posted 1:57 PM, March 4, 2010, by yemoto

Updates for the Clark Center (07-340) are due by April 15, 2010.

Stanford policy requires labs to:

  • add chemicals that are not currently in the inventory system
  • delete items that are no longer in the lab and no longer in use
  • adjust quantities of inventory items if ongoing changes have been made
  • include all compressed gas cylinders and bleach (both often overlooked)

All chemical inventories need to be updated ONLINE using Chemtracker v1. Upon request, EH&S can provide current inventory summaries for your overall review. Contact Debbie Amoroso ( for printouts, questions on accessing the system or for a username/password.

The Chemical Inventory Update is an annual process where labs review and update information in the ChemTracker database; the University uses this information as part of the Hazardous Materials Management Plan (HMMP) submitted to regulatory and response agencies.

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