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March 2010

Chemical Inventory Update: Clark Center

Updates for the Clark Center (07-340) are due by April 15, 2010.

Stanford policy requires labs to:

  • add chemicals that are not currently in the inventory system
  • delete items that are no longer in the lab and no longer in use
  • adjust quantities of inventory items if ongoing changes have been made
  • include all compressed gas cylinders and bleach (both often overlooked)

All chemical inventories need to be updated ONLINE using Chemtracker v1. Upon request, EH&S can provide current inventory summaries for your overall review. Contact Debbie Amoroso ( for printouts, questions on accessing the system or for a username/password.

The Chemical Inventory Update is an annual process where labs review and update information in the ChemTracker database; the University uses this information as part of the Hazardous Materials Management Plan (HMMP) submitted to regulatory and response agencies.

Quarter 1 2010 Self-Inspection: Chemical Inventory and Life Safety Box Updates

The special topic for Quarter 1, 2010 is CHEMICAL INVENTORY AND LIFE SAFETY BOX where entities with labs will “CHECK, UPDATE, VERIFY, POST their chemical inventories and related information in Life Safety Boxes:

  • Review chemical inventory expectations
  • Update chemical inventories if necessary
  • Verify and update information posted in Life Safety Boxes
  • Review Self-Inspection expectations

Self-Inspections forms for this quarter need to be completed and returned to your department contact by March 31, 2010.

Detailed information is available online:
Self-Inspection Topic for Quarter 1, 2010:
Chemical Inventory and Life Safety Box Updates

Self-Inspection Schedule and Expectations

Self-Inspection Instructions

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