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December 2008

Happy Holidays!

May The Coming Year Be Safe, Synergistic and Successful!

A Hearty Toast to the Faculty, Staff and Students of the Stanford University School of Medicine.


From Your Colleagues at the School's Health and Safety Programs Office:
Cheryl Yemoto • Sharon Allen • David Silberman • Lisa Johnson • Don Rust

Have You Included Health and Safety in your New Year's Resolutions?

SC County HazMat & Waste Inspection: Week of 12/8/08

No new inspections until 2009; Happy Holidays!

SC County HazMat & Waste Inspection: Week of 12/1/08

Buildings to be inspected by SC County in the School of Medicine on:

  • Tuesday, 12/2/08 - Beckman (07-530)
  • Thursday, 12/4/08 - Most likely one of more of the Stone Buildings: Boswell (07-305), Grant (07-306), Alway (07-307), Lane (07-308), Edwards (07-309)

Quarter 4 2008 Self-Inspection: Disposal of Laboratory Generated Waste

The special topic for Quarter 4 is DISPOSAL OF LABORATORY GENERATED WASTE, where we will review definitions and proper disposal of laboratory waste.

This is an opportunity to review disposal practices, implement the new items; complete self-inspections by December 31, 2008.

Over the past few months all School of Medicine have been visited by Santa Clara County for Medical Waste and many for Hazardous Materials and Waste. During the inspections new items relating to waste generated by laboratories have been raised.

  • Definition, Types, Disposal of Hazardous Waste
  • Spill Reporting and Response – Review procedure on poster
  • Qiagen Kits and “Non-Hazardous” Buffers - Some of the components contain materials that are hazardous by definition; make sure that the wastes are disposed of properly. "BUFFERS" are not always non-hazardous!
  • Autoclave Tape contains lead and should not be disposed of in the trash. Are you managing your used tape properly?
  • Medical Waste: Red Biohazard Bag Use and Secondary Containment
  • Chemical Safety Training Module – Review information and responsibilities, if needed.
  • Review 2008 Regulatory Inspections Findings

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